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User assistance and request management



The IT assistance service provides information and troubleshooting for users and manages all hardware / software requests (particularly in the event of a move, renewal of the IT equipment, installation of a new arrival, etc. ). It constitutes the main point of contact between the IT department and the users , which is why it is considered as the “ISD showcase”.


The image conveyed by the IT department depends to a large extent on the level of user satisfaction with this showcase: without efficient assistance, the overall perception of the IT department risks being greatly altered .


Today, many large companies have outsourced IT support services. It is therefore essential for these CIOs to set up a neutral measurement system making it possible to assess the level of quality of the service provided.

Surveys can be carried out regularly throughout the year to monitor user perception and create a dashboard made up of direct Help Desk performance indicators, crossed with our satisfaction indicators.


hot surveys are often set up by our customers after the processing of each open ticket. For this type of survey, Advantages supports you in building the reporting tools mentioned above.



Requests portal
(registration of hardware / software installation requests
or incident reporting)
Telephone Assistance
(level 1 support)
Interventions of local teams / correspondents
Communication related to the management of major / generalized incidents
Management of unresolved application and material incidents online on the 1st call
(level 2 support)
IT kiosk



Transversal subjects studied for these themes: availability, reception, understanding of needs, support, advice on usage, resolution capacity, responsiveness / deadlines, communication, efficiency , etc.



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