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The Mirror survey is carried out in parallel with the IT satisfaction survey. It is intended for only DSI employees (internal and external teams, in direct or indirect contact with users) for to favor their mobilization on a common project .

In this exercise, members of the IT team should try to guess / estimate the answers given by the end user.


The results of this Mirror survey will be compared with those of the user survey in order to verify whether IT has anticipating the responses provided by its users.


The differences observed will make it possible to identify the underestimates and the overestimates.


Our clients have the possibility of including open questions (free comments) of the type "suggestions for improvements" for each topic addressed in order to to emerge innovative ideas from the comments collected with the IT teams.




  • Mobilization of IT teams around the survey project

  • Confront the vision of users with that of the IT team

  • Underline the possible differences of perception (overestimations and underestimation of the employees of the IT department)